Meet Trouper’s Friends

Meet Trouper's Friends

Trouper03Meet Trouper the Raccoon

MISSION: As a Wildlife Ambassador, I have the special job of teaching everyone I meet about LOVE AND RESPECT. With love and respect, the world we live in can be a very happy place for everyone, with room for people and animals to share the world together!

Can I count on YOU to be a good example of LOVE AND RESPECT?

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Solo01Meet Solo the Squirrel

MISSION: As Trouper’s Best Friend, I encourage everyone I meet to be COURAGEOUS AND CONFIDENT. After all, with courage and confidence, humans can help other humans do the right thing that will help save and protect the earth and its animals from harm.


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Lily01Meet Lily the Dog

MISSION: As Trouper’s Loyal Companion, I love all my animal friends, and show it to them through LOYALTY AND DETERMINATION. These two characteristics are what make friends become best friends! Being loyal is one of the best qualities to look for in our good friends, don’t you think? And my determination keeps me helping other people through thick and thin, no matter what tries to stop me.

Can I count on YOU to show LOYALTY AND DETERMINATION to others?

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Dot02Meet Miss Dot the Caregiver

MISSION: As his Caregiver, I am Trouper’s biggest fan! I love Trouper and I hope you do too! I take him places to share about our story together with children and adults. I teach everyone we meet to be COMPASSIONATE AND DILIGENT about caring for wildlife and our earth.

All that really means is to care about animals, our earth and all living things, and to work hard at it!

Can I count on YOU to be COMPASSIONATE AND DILIGENT? After all, if we don’t care for our animals and our earth, who will?


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Even little children can help animals in BIG ways:

B = Be BOLD. Do the right thing when you see a wild animal or a hurt animal. Click here for my teaching on STOP.

I = IMPACT your friends. Be the one that shares what you are learning about being nice to mother nature.

G = GIVE your time to help your community by participating in a clean up day or at an animal rescue. Tell others about Trouper & his Friends!