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Did you know Miss Dot and Trouper the Blind Raccoon, the Official Animal Ambassador for the Wildlife Education Project (WEP), or another representative from the WEP can visit your school, class, camp, or group?

In fact, they are making appointments for the summer 2016 right now!

For a small donation of $75 (or $125 for outside the Fort Myers Florida area, up to 100 miles) Trouper and Miss Dot can appear at your function!

If you have never witnessed a group of school-aged children completely quiet and attentive, we can guarantee the “Trouper the Blind Raccoon” live or video presentation will keep them riveted! Miss Dot and Trouper have even conducted presentations over Skype to speak with school classes in places outside Florida.

When wildlife rehabilitator and a retired educator, Dorothy “Dot” Lee presents
the WEP message to your school or youth program, and shares the harrowing
story of Trouper’s tragedy that inspired their proactive message, they are listening.

Miss Dot presents a message that the whole audience can relate to, whether in kindergarten or in middle school or as an adult. With Trouper the Blind Raccoon by her side, she teaches the everyone to respect wildlife and all living things.

She also teaches them what to do if they encounter a wild animal or an injured one. If the presentation is done live, at the end the children form a line and get to shake hands with Trouper.

The WEP “Trouper the Blind Raccoon” video production and Teacher Resources will soon be available, so check back for updates. If you’d like to help us, we sure can use your donations to make these important lessons available to all. Click here to donate (select top right DONATE button).

If you would like to book an educator from WEP to appear with Trouper or another animal ambassador at your school or youth group, please email today!


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