Trouper’s Story

The life story of Trouper the Blind Raccoon is about RESPECTING ALL LIVING THINGS. Find out why that is important to Trouper and his friends!

Trouper & Friend’s Fan Club

When you join the Trouper & Friend's Fan Club, you help other animals stay safe in their natural habitats. It is very important to Trouper that we help his animal friends.

Meet Trouper’s Friends

Trouper the Blind Raccoon has many animal and human friends who help him with his mission to save other animals and save our world. Let’s meet them!

Welcome to the home of Trouper & Friends!

Trouper the Blind Raccoon, and his friends Miss Dot, Solo and Lily have much to teach on RESPECTING ALL LIVING THINGS.

Why is Trouper the Blind Raccoon so special? He captured the heart of Miss Dorothy (Dot) Lee, who is a “wildlife rehabilitator” (someone who is allowed to help hurt wild animals) as she fought to save his life after being mistreated as a wild baby raccoon. He is now 7 years old and he has a mission to help other animals.

In fact, Trouper and Miss Dot together have a mission to Educate Our Future Leaders — just like you — and empower the next generation to take the lead to create change.

Trouper and his friends are part of a bigger team who share this vision. The team is called the Wildlife Education Project (WEP) and we invite you to be a part of our team!

Together with future leaders like you, we can all connect with and protect our big beautiful world, including our animal neighbors. So Trouper, Miss Dot and the WEP work every day to teach you how to do this through Trouper’s life lessons.

We want you to help us Respect Wildlife and Protect the Earth. The WEP works to teach everyone to be kind to our most valued natural thing, our world’s wildlife and their natural “habitat” surroundings. A habitat is where animals live with their animal families. It could be a mountain or a forest, a desert or a beach, or the ocean or a lake. We want a safe place for every wild animal to live, don’t you?

One simple way to help us is to join our Trouper & Friends Fan Club! By helping Trouper, you help his animal friends! Join us today!

To the Parents:

At the Wildlife Education Project (WEP) , our message is presented through easy to understand educational messages and teaching children to be active in their local communities. The inspiration behind the WEP is our four-legged friend, Trouper the Blind Raccoon. Together, Trouper, who is now a federally licensed wildlife ambassador for the WEP, and Miss Dot, his caretaker, work to ensure the future of our wildlife is preserved. More about their work together can be found at

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